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To keep up excellent dental hygiene, an effective home-based oral hygiene regimen is necessary. Your dental wellness can likely play a part in your health. At Made Ya Smile West 8, TX, our Houston, TX team teaches patients the top ways to preserve their teeth and gums. Knowing the most efficient way to clean your teeth can help hinder dental caries over the long term. When merged with routine dental assessments and cleanings, you can make sure that your teeth stay in optimal shape. Keep reading to learn more about the best way to preserve your dental health.

Is it better to floss or brush first?

Realistically speaking, it makes little difference whether to floss or brush your teeth first in Houston, TX. The most essential key is to perform each of them daily. We suggest beginning with flossing as it releases plaque from the teeth. Additionally, it scrapes off food particles and debris in between the teeth that brushing cannot eliminate. By removing this buildup that triggers tooth decay, your dental wellness is improved. Brushing alone may not eliminate plaque from the surface of your teeth, which makes flossing remarkably essential. Whether to floss or brush first depends on your own choice, but the emphasis should be on getting your teeth as clean as possible.

The ADA (American Dental Association) supports brushing your teeth at least two times per day. Remember to change out your brush after a few months or so or when the bristles start wear out. You should use an ADA-endorsed toothpaste containing fluoride. To start brushing, hold your brush at a 45° slant focusing on your gumline. Move the brush backward and forth delicately to brush the inside, outer, and upper areas of the teeth. Clean each of the four divisions of the mouth for a minimum of 30 seconds, respectively. Remember to clean your tongue, where destructive bacteria lie and can cause tooth damage.

Incorrect ways to brush your teeth

There are several ways you can incorrectly brush your teeth, including:

  • Employing a poor brush: You should choose a soft-bristled brush that can bend easily. A brush with a small head is suggested since it helps you get to areas that are difficult to reach.
  • Brushing too fast: Be sure to brush for at least a couple minutes (about 30 seconds for all four parts of your mouth) each time you take care of your teeth.
  • Brushing too roughly: Never brush your teeth too hard as this may cause puffy, red, and bleeding gums. Dental plaque can be swiftly eliminated with gentle brushing methods.
  • Brushing incorrectly: Don't go back and forth. Begin at the gums and move in a circular manner.
  • Brushing right after eating: We recommend waiting around 20 minutes after meals before cleaning your teeth. In the event that you brush before then, the digestive juices are still residing in your mouth. Consequently, as you brush, you’re involving a strong substance that can wear down your teeth.
  • Disregarding the gumline: When you don’t brush the gums, germs can live where the tooth meets the gum tissue. Neglecting that region can increase your odds of dental caries and gum infection.

What happens when you floss every day?

Flossing is an integral step in your dental health practice because it reduces your risk of getting periodontal disease. This occurs if germs below the gum surface are left inside the mouth. Gum disease is connected to a number of medical issues including heart disease, joint inflammation, type II diabetes, and strokes. Having routine dental checkups and cleanings at Made Ya Smile West 8, TX is the best solution to address plaque.

Find out how to brush efficiently to boost your dental wellness

At Made Ya Smile West 8, TX, we can provide guidance with home-based oral hygiene recommendations to preserve your healthiest smile. Brushing and flossing help clean off dangerous bacteria, food particles, and plaque that can cause gum inflammation. To arrange a consultation at our dental office, reach out to our team today. Our goal is to help all Houston, TX patients maintain healthy gums and teeth with preventive dental care.

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