Instances When Dental Fillings Are Offered to Elevate Your Oral Health

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Modern fillings are a customary restorative option performed to target a wide range of restorative dental issues in people of all ages. The treatment process of receiving a dental filling has become easier over time thanks to innovative technology. At Made Ya Smile West 8, TX, our dentists might suggest a restorative filling procedure to address smaller areas of tooth cavities, cracked teeth, eroded tooth structure, and similar forms of damage. Regardless of why you may be in need of a filling, our expert professionals offer high-quality materials and refined treatments to upgrade your smile and dental health.

Treating early dental concerns with fillings could help to prevent the need for more expensive dental procedures in the future. Read on to find out more about fillings, the reasons why you may need one, and also what to anticipate when your dentist in Houston, TX recommends a filling procedure.


At your annual checkups at Made Ya Smile West 8, TX, your dentist will check your teeth through a clinical assessment, radiographs, and other innovative caries-detecting services. If tooth decay or another concern is detected, a dental filling might be needed. Dental fillings may be utilized to address:

  • Teeth with decay
  • A chipped tooth
  • A cracked tooth
  • Broken teeth
  • Worn teeth
  • Teeth that are stained
  • Misshapen teeth


Fillings can be made within your mouth (direct fillings) or in a dental lab (indirect dental fillings) from an array of materials. Direct fillings are most often made of composite material or amalgam, while indirect dental fillings are oftentimes made with gold or porcelain. Our team at Made Ya Smile West 8, TX will assist you in determining the prime option for your oral needs. At our Houston, TX office, dental fillings are typically performed under local anesthesia to maintain your comfort. Sedation dentistry may also be provided to let you relax even further. When you are ready, the damaged or decay area will be cleared away and your tooth structure will be cleaned. The restorative material will be added, set, and shaped for a uniform bite.


After your dental restoration is complete, it's crucial to preserve its condition along with your total dental wellness. Our staff can help you set up an individualized oral care regimen that includes brushing your teeth twice per day and flossing each day. Besides following an ideal home care routine, it's very important to schedule regular appointments with your Houston, TX dentist for cleanings and exams. Your restoration may last for many years when cared for properly.


Treating the initial stages of cavities or other damage with a filling might offer a more conservative avenue of treatment and help conserve your oral wellness well into the future. Dental fillings from Made Ya Smile West 8, TX can offer an effective option for taking care of small oral health issues, such as broken teeth, dental cavities, worn enamel, and additional problems.

If you or family member might be in need of a dental filling, get in touch with our Houston, TX dental center to reserve a visit. Our team looks forward to helping you attain a healthy, confident smile!

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