What's Included in a Smile Makeover?

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A smile is one of the first things people notice about you, so it is important to put your best foot forward. However, many people do not love the way their smile looks. With a smile makeover, you can change the way your smile looks and rejuvenate your smile. Our talented team can help you find the best procedures so that you can reach your smile goals. Schedule a consultation with Made Ya Smile Dental West 8 in Houston, TX today.

What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is a set of procedures tailored to you and designed to completely transform your smile through multiple procedures. This treatment uses both cosmetic and restorative dental procedures to help you reach your smile goals. There may be multiple reasons for you to get a smile makeover such as:

  • Fixing broken teeth

  • Rejuvenating the overall appearance of your smile and teeth

  • Changing the shape of your smile

  • Discolored teeth

  • Misaligned teeth

  • Fixing other aesthetic issues

Our team can help you achieve the smile you have always wanted.

What is included in a smile makeover?

Every smile makeover is completely unique to the patient. This means that any procedures done are chosen by you and our team. However, every smile makeover starts off with a planning stage where you and a team member talk through your overall aesthetic goals. Digital x-rays and 3D oral scans will be taken for a comprehensive view of your oral and dental health. Issues like tooth decay or gum disease will need to be addressed before treatment can begin. Once a treatment plan is decided upon, you can begin the treatment process. Some potential procedures you can get done include:

  • Teeth whitening

  • Dental crowns

  • Tooth-colored fillings

  • Porcelain veneers

  • Lumineers®

  • Invisalign® trays

  • Other orthodontic procedures

Your personalized treatment plan will address specific issues that you want to fix. This treatment is done in stages and could take several months. A smile makeover is a great way to fully rejuvenate your smile.

What should I know about smile makeovers?

Sedation dentistry and local anesthetic can be used to make all of your procedures as comfortable as possible. After each procedure in your treatment plan, you will be provided with instructions to make sure you heal in the fastest and easiest way possible. A good oral hygiene routine is important in keeping your smile makeover results in the best condition. This routine should include:

  • Brushing at least twice a day

  • Flossing

  • Using mouthwash

  • Attending dental exams and cleanings twice a year

Having a good oral hygiene routine helps to keep your treatment looking great as well as your teeth healthy.

Where can I get a smile makeover in Houston, TX?

There are many things included in a smile makeover. From the planning stage to the actual procedures, a smile makeover has multiple steps that make it successful. You can get a variety of different procedures, meaning a smile makeover allows you to customize this procedure to your specific dental goals and needs. Our excellent team can help you find the best treatment plan to address any concerns you may have. Contact Made Ya Smile Dental West 8 in Houston, TX for a full consultation on the overall state of your oral and dental health today.

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