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What Is Gum Disease?

Our practice is proud to offer high-quality care to address your family's comprehensive oral health needs. Periodontal (gum) disease is a condition that affects many Houston, TX patients and is caused by harmful oral bacteria that live within the plaque on the teeth. Common symptoms include bleeding and inflamed gums, loose teeth, and gum recession, among other oral issues. Along with being the leading cause of tooth loss in adults, gum disease has been linked to several general health problems, including Type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, and heart disease. Regardless of your treatment needs, Made Ya Smile Dental West 8 wants to help you enjoy a healthy smile and is proud to offer periodontal treatment to help improve your gum health.

Our skilled team routinely screen for gum disease during your routine visits to our practice. Gum disease begins as gingivitis — the effects of which can be reversed with proper and timely care. Untreated gingivitis may progress to periodontitis or advanced periodontitis, during which the bone and gums surrounding your teeth become destroyed as a result of disease-causing bacteria. By identifying and diagnosing periodontal conditions as early as possible, we can often help you manage your gum health and minimize damage to your gum tissues and jawbone. If gum disease is affecting your dental wellness, we may recommend a nonsurgical or surgical approach to care, depending on the extent of your condition. We want to help you achieve the healthiest smile dentistry can offer. Get in touch with our friendly team today and schedule your gum disease exam.

What Are the Symptoms of Gum Disease?

When it comes to managing gum disease and its effects, seeking treatment as early as possible is key. Gum disease can progressively destroy the structures (bone and connective tissues) that hold your teeth in place. If left to progress, the condition could lead to advanced bone loss and eventually the loss of teeth. The earlier our team can diagnose gum disease, the greater the chance of minimizing oral damage and keeping tooth loss from affecting your smile. Gum disease is classified into three general stages. In the first stage, gingivitis, the gum tissues become swollen, red, and often bleed. This condition does not affect the bone and can be reversed with proper dental care. Periodontitis may develop if gingivitis is not treated. During this stage, the gum tissues start to pull away from the teeth and early bone loss occurs. Advanced periodontitis is characterized by infection and damage that affects deeper areas of the bone that can result in loose teeth and an increased chance of tooth loss.

Any indication of gum disease should be evaluated by our team as early as possible. Certain oral symptoms may indicate the presence of gum disease in your mouth, but a periodontal screening with a team of practiced professionals is the best way to learn if your smile is at risk. During routine cleaning and exam visits, we routinely screen for gum disease conditions. Having routine screenings performed even if you do not notice signs of the condition is important to your health as some cases are only identified through a professional evaluation. Contact our Made Ya Smile Dental West 8 team right away if you notice any of the following indicators of gum disease:

  • Gums that bleed when you floss or brush
  • A bad taste or bad breath
  • Pus between the gums and teeth
  • Puffy, tender, or red gum tissues
  • Teeth that feel loose or shift
  • Gum recession or sensitive teeth

How Is Gum Disease Diagnosed and Treated?

At your check-up visit with our team, we will examine your mouth and review your oral health to learn if gum disease is present. We will also recommend the ideal approach to treat any disease and helping you manage your periodontal needs. We screen for gum disease by taking low-radiation digital x-rays to determine if bone loss in your jaw has occurred as this is a significant indicator of a periodontal condition. One of our dental hygienists will then use a small periodontal ruler to measure the spaces between your teeth and gums where harmful bacteria tend to hide. When gum disease is present, the gum tissues separate from the teeth, causing these spaces to become deeper.

We will use your x-rays along with your periodontal measurements to diagnose gum disease. When bone loss is evident on your x-rays and your gum readings measure over 3mm deep, gum disease will likely be diagnosed. The type of treatment recommended will be based on the severity of your gum condition. Scaling and root planing with locally delivered antibiotics or a surgical approach may be recommended, depending on your unique treatment needs. Cases of gum recession that results from gum disease may be addressed with a gum grafting procedure when periodontal disease has been treated and is under control. Rest assured, our caring team is here to help you regain periodontal wellness and enjoy the benefits of a beautiful and healthy smile.

What to Expect After Gum Disease Treatment

While gum disease treatment can address an active periodontal infection, it is essential to your oral health that you stick to a good at-home care routine each day and schedule maintenance cleanings with our Houston, TX team. Gum disease cannot be cured, but it can be controlled. Our hygienists will work to help you manage your gum health and prevent further loss of bone to minimize your chances of tooth loss. Recovery instructions following gum disease treatment will depend upon the type of nonsurgical or surgical care you receive. Committed to helping you enjoy a healthy smile, our team will review the best ways to take care of your teeth and gums after your treatment and on a routine basis.

Gum disease treatment helps to stop the progression of disease in your mouth. Since the bacteria are known to cause gum disease proliferate rapidly beyond three months or so, we may recommend a periodontal maintenance program for you. Periodontal maintenance cleanings are usually scheduled every 3 – 4 months and are performed in place of biannual prophylaxis procedures. During your periodontal maintenance visits, we will thoroughly clean above and below the gums (to remove plaque and tartar deposits), evaluate your periodontal pockets, and perform x-rays and routine exams as needed. More frequent and in-depth cleanings can help to better control your gum disease and prevent the condition from causing further damage to your smile.

Is Gum Disease Treatment Covered by Insurance?

Made Ya Smile Dental West 8 is delighted to accept most major PPO dental insurance plans and will be happy to file your claim for you. For detailed information on your periodontal treatment benefits, we will review your plan specifics and let you know if there will be any personal costs for your care. Periodontal disease can significantly impact your oral and general health. To help you get the professional treatment you need, our practice takes several types of payment methods and can assist you in applying for low-cost financing plans.

Preserve Your Periodontal Health

Keep your smile healthy and happy and protect your general wellness by having routine gum disease screenings performed by our experienced team. Symptoms, like bad breath, gum recession, and bleeding gums, may indicate that this common but potentially destructive infection is affecting your dental health. Get in touch with our Houston, TX team right away if you notice any symptoms of gum disease in between your visits. When you are here at Made Ya Smile Dental West 8 for routine cleanings and exams, we will evaluate your gums and bone to determine if gum disease is present and can recommend treatment options to help preserve your smile. Contact our team today to schedule your gum disease screening with us.

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