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What Is a Tooth-Colored (Composite) Filling?

Cavities are a dental problem that can affect teeth in patients of any age. Caused by certain types of oral bacteria, cavities (tooth decay) are formed when acid from these bacteria break through the tooth enamel and damage the tooth structure. When treated in the early stages, tooth decay can often be prevented from spreading further into the tooth and leading to more complex types of dental needs. Our general dentist uses composite tooth-colored fillings to treat cavities in the early to moderate stages. She also uses this durable material to restore teeth that have chips or minor fractures.

Composite resin material is a modern alternative to silver amalgam fillings. Shaded to match tooth enamel, composite resin blends beautifully with the surrounding tooth structure and offers a seamless look and feel. Composite fillings tend to bond better with tooth structure when compared with silver fillings and do not present the same risks to general health as amalgam material. By using composite to treat damaged teeth, we can also offer a more conservative approach as this tooth-colored material does not require as much tooth structure reduction in order to place. At Made Ya Smile Dental West 8, our modern family practice is pleased to offer composite fillings for treating mild to moderately damaged teeth in children and adults. Talk to our team today to make your appointment if you feel your smile might benefit from the beauty of composite resin.

What Are the Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings?

At our Houston, TX-area practice, we are able to provide individuals with the latest methods in dental care. Tooth-colored fillings are a reliable and protective treatment option, providing individuals with many advantages, such as:

  • Swift, same-day treatment that yields lasting prevention
  • A natural appearance that flawlessly blends with your teeth
  • Shields against plaque and debris build-up
  • Protects against tooth decay

When Are Composite Dental Fillings Recommended?

Composite is a very versatile material and is safe to use in patients of all ages. Since it blends so well with the natural tooth, composite resin can be used to repair teeth in any area of the mouth. In some cases, we can even replace your existing amalgam fillings with natural-looking composite. We may recommend composite fillings for your smile if you have mild to moderate tooth decay or damage (breaks or chips). Composite is a strong, durable material that we use to rebuild damaged teeth. It is often favored over silver amalgam for both its aesthetic qualities and ability to be placed in a more conservative manner. We will choose the exact shade of composite to match your tooth enamel and polish the filling for a seamless finish that feels just like the natural tooth structure.

Composite fillings may be ideal for restoring beauty and function to the smile if you or a family member have:

  • Cavities
  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Worn tooth enamel
  • Uneven biting edges
  • Old amalgam fillings

How Are Composite Resin Fillings Placed?

Made Ya Smile Dental West 8 is proud to be a practice dedicated to offering the most advanced dental care available to Houston, TX patients. In most cases, having composite fillings for dental cavities or damage is a simple one-visit procedure. Our general dentist is experienced in providing this type of care for children and adults and uses a gentle approach when treating each patient. Throughout your visit, our team will remain committed to your comfort and will keep you informed of the process along the way. We use a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area but can also provide sedation dentistry if you or your family member feel nervous about visiting the dentist. Once you are ready, we will use advanced dental tools to gently remove the damaged portion of the tooth. After your tooth is rinsed and dried, she will begin to layer in the composite material previously matched to your enamel shade. A curing light will then be placed over the tooth and activated to set (harden) the filling in place. We will then shape and polish your composite to deliver a smooth, comfortable feel and adjust your bite if necessary.

Composite Dental Fillings Aftercare and Recovery

At the end of your composite procedure, we will let you know how to take care of your new filling. It is best to avoid eating anything until the local anesthetic wears off and the feeling fully returns to your mouth. Otherwise, you are free to go about your normal daily activities. Those who receive oral-conscious sedation, however, must have an adult drive them home following the visit. Please let our team know if your filling feels high or your bite seems unbalanced following placement. We can always get you back into our office for a quick adjustment. You may notice that your tooth feels a little sensitive in the few days after your procedure, but this should be resolved. To keep your treated tooth healthy and minimize the need for future dental procedures, we recommend that you brush and floss daily and keep up with your routine cleaning and exam visits at Made Ya Smile Dental West 8. When you are here visiting us for regular exams, we will continually check your composite filling and ensure that it is still supporting your dental health.

Does Insurance Cover Tooth-Colored Composite Fillings?

Many dental insurance plans do offer coverage toward tooth-colored composite fillings when performed as a restorative procedure. Before your scheduled visit, we will contact you dental insurance provider and review your plan's benefits. To help patients get the care they need, Made Ya Smile Dental West 8 is a participating provider for most major PPO plans and accepts a range of convenient payment options to help families cover any out-of-pocket expenses. Be sure to ask our knowledgeable team about flexible financing solutions to help make your dental care even more affordable.

Natural-Looking Composite Restorations

Treating minor to moderate tooth damage with a tooth-colored composite may be a great treatment option for children or adults. Composite fillings are durable, strong, and offer a natural-looking appearance to blend right into your smile. As an alternative to silver amalgam, this option can offer a more conservative approach to restorative care and require less removal of tooth structure to place. For more information on repairing a decayed or chipped tooth with composite, schedule your visit with a skilled general dentist. Our friendly Made Ya Smile Dental West 8 team in Houston, TX looks forward to helping your family enjoy better oral health.

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