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What Is Nitrous Oxide Sedation Dentistry?

Patients of all ages often feel anxious or nervous when taking a trip to the dentist. For some, even the thought of sitting in the dental chair brings feelings of worry and fear. At Made Ya Smile Dental West 8, however, we want to take the fear out of dentistry and help every member of your family enjoy pleasant, positive dental visits. Our team is pleased to offer nitrous oxide (N2O) sedation, a mild sedative that is also known as "laughing gas." This option is safe for children and adults and can be used for treatments ranging from dental cleanings to tooth extractions. Leaving no aftereffects, nitrous oxide is a conscious sedation solution that can calm your nerves and allow you to relax without putting you to sleep, allowing you to drive and resume normal daily activities after leaving your visit. Get the dental care you need from a Houston, TX team who puts your comfort first. Contact us today to talk with our team for more on our sedation dentistry services.

Who Is a Candidate for Nitrous Oxide Gas?

Often used in combination with a local anesthetic, nitrous oxide gas offers mild sedative effects that typically causes feelings of calmness and relaxation. Some patients even feel giddy or euphoric when receiving nitrous oxide sedation. We will talk with you about your dental fears and review your medical history to determine if this sedation option is ideal for you or if another solution may better serve your needs. Nitrous oxide can be used in a wide range of dental procedures, from routine dental cleanings and restorative procedures to oral surgery and more complex types of care. Since nitrous oxide gas is inhaled through a small nasal mask, it may not be ideal if respiratory conditions, like COPD, are affecting your health.

How Does Nitrous Oxide Dental Sedation Work?

To administer nitrous oxide gas, our team will position a small mask that covers your nose. You will be asked to breathe normally and will start to feel the effects within a few minutes of the gas being administered. Very soon, the gas will cause you to feel calm and at ease but does not generally make you sleepy. A tingling sensation and a calming sense of warmth may also occur in your extremities. During your procedure, our staff will monitor the gas levels and make adjustments to the amount as needed to keep you calm and relaxed. While nitrous oxide sedation can help to minimize your dental anxiety, local anesthetic may be administered in treatment areas to further provide a comfortable dental procedure. The flow of nitrous gas will be stopped at the end of your visit, and you will be given time to breathe oxygen through the nasal mask for a few minutes until your levels normalize. Nitrous oxide gas leaves your body rather quickly, within 3 – 5 minutes, leaving you feeling normal and with no aftereffects within a very short time.

What to Expect After Nitrous Oxide Sedation

After having nitrous oxide gas for sedation, you are free to go about your daily activities as normal and can drive yourself home or to work following your visit. Please allow any numbness from the local anesthetic to wear off, however, before you eat to minimize the chance of biting on your soft tissue without realizing it. Though most patients do not experience any side effects after having nitrous oxide sedation, there is a chance you may have a headache, fatigue, chills, nausea, or vomiting. Please get in touch with our team to let us know if this occurs. You can often reduce the risk of nausea from nitrous oxide sedation by having a small meal or snack prior to your appointment time. We also recommend that you avoid eating a large meal for about three hours after receiving sedation.

Is Nitrous Oxide Sedation Covered by Insurance?

In some cases, sedation with nitrous oxide gas may be a covered benefit. We will review your specific insurance plan before your visit and will let you know of any personal expenses for your procedure. At Made Ya Smile Dental West 8, we take great care to create positive, relaxing visits for your family and offer flexible payment options to make receiving dental care even more affordable. Low-interest financing may also be available to help cover any out-of-pocket costs.

Ease Dental Anxiety

Nitrous oxide sedation may be helpful in allowing you and your loved ones to relax in the dental chair and get the care you need without fear or anxiety. As a mild sedation service, nitrous oxide can leave you feeling relaxed and at ease but does not carry any lingering effects once your procedure is complete. Nitrous oxide sedation is often paired with a local anesthetic to further enhance your comfort. If you have been avoiding the dentist out of fear, our team is here to help. Contact Made Ya Smile Dental West 8 to schedule your visit with us and learn if nitrous oxide sedation is ideal for helping you relax when receiving dental care.

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